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An online store named CHEAP CHANEL, which previously attempted to sell replica Chanel bags, watches, wallets and other illegal merchandise, once appeared at this location under this domain. The store operations were ordered by a United States District Court to be closed permanently. Additionally, the former website owners who no longer control and operate Cheap Chanel were ordered to relinquish the domain name to CHANEL to prevent the name from being used for illegal purposes again.

About Us

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The former replica shop, which launched in China in 2004, was an online replica Chanel shop which touted cheap prices, excellent replica products and the best customer service. Instructions for exchange and refunds were specified while promising a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction. The "Contact Us" page pointed inquiries to a Customer Service email, indicating a 12-24 hour response time.

Free shipping was available to shipping addresses in some countries.

The replica items were classified by category, color, size and price. The details in the product description included materials, measurements, dimensions, special features and price. Adjacent to the product images and prices ("Official Price" and "Our Price") were "Show Details" and "Add to Cart" buttons which led a potential customer to the Shopping Cart.

Such online invitations to buy cheap replicas can be rightly interpreted as pretentious mimicking of something it is not. Regardless of the many promises about replica Chanel, online replica shops cannot provide replica bags, sunglasses and wallets at a discount with the quality and service level you dream of having, as they are unable to access the materials and workmanship that will live up to the CHANEL standards of quality.

CHANEL does not authorize or support products and services such as those once offered online by this former replica shop. Any hint of the contrary are deceptive and should be disregarded and treated as untruthful.